Yesterday, there was a post about "The Best of Spring". Its a great project, but brought to mind a question I'd like feedback on. How are you - teacher, student, etc... recording into programs? Are your recordings successful?????Sometimes, I use microphones and the sound is clear as a bell, sometimes the volume is too soft, sometimes there is no recording at all. This constant frustration keeps me from recording at all. Any and all feedback would be apprciatedl Thanks, N

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Comment by Melinda Kolk on April 4, 2012 at 1:14pm

Getting consistent sound in a lab full of mics and different computers is not an easy task. Headphone with built-in mics really help to get student voice a consistent distance from the microphone as well as tune out other sound. However, it often takes a little work to get these too record at all. If you are in a network situation where you can move files around, I might suggest creating 1 or 2 stations specifically for recording. Because the focus is just on narration, this often serves to encourage students to practice reading as well!

In Tech4Learning tools, default settings for sound recording are a balance between quality and file size. If you aren't concerned about RAM or file size for storage, go to the Program (OSX) or Edit (windows) menu and choose Preferences. Choose Sound and Video options from the list on the left and set the Recording Quality to high.

Good luck! But DEFINITELY figure out how to make this work for you. I find that the most powerful student projects are often the ones that captured student voices. 

Comment by Danielle Abernethy on April 5, 2012 at 6:04am

Headset mics are always great because the distance is consistent. With my older students, I use to have to put them in a different room to record because they were too nervous to speak at a normal level with others in the room. I worked out an agreement with the media center, which luckily was right across the hall. For my younger students, we did a few together and to practice the right level a student needed to talk and the right speed.  


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