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Custom Designed Shirts

This weekend, at midnight on Friday night, my son and his best friend decided to make Captain America inspired T-Shirts in Pixie. They didn't do what I thought they were going to do, but instead did a star with the paint stretched in different military styled camo patterns, their name and a word that describes their favorite character from the movie. We were going to print them at home on iron on transfer paper, but mine were pretty old and…


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Comic Creations

I love my child. He is a learning challenge ball of fun. He loves to confuse things and hates when I write notes to his teachers. For example, he has to write a script, with a team member, based on a myth and then perform it. His genre of myth is Celtic Myths, and he and his partner found something about leprechauns. Joey was a bit nervous about writing a script, so I made a suggestion to instead write a comic strip story using Wixie. I figured…


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Celebrating Women of Character, Courage and Commitment

I attended Columbia College in Columbia, SC, for the first two years of my college life. During my time at this all women's college we celebrated diversity, culture and the courage to stand up for what's right. The month of March was always special since it was the celebration of women's History Month. The theme for the 2014 National Women's History Month is "Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment."

The 2014 nominees…


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It Doesn't Have to be so Hard! Easy First Pixie/Wixie Projects

I have had the pleasure of teaching Wixie and Pixie in several classrooms lately. Due to time constraints, I usually only have about 45 minutes to introduce the tool and have the students create something. Just recently, I had the kids create an acrostic poem of something they were learning about in 2nd grade…


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Using Special Characters in Tech4Learning Tools

Q. Can students type in other languages in Pixie? (or Wixie or Frames or Share)? Especially when the languages use non-Latin characters?

A. Yes!

But, of course, this isn't an easy answer and varies depending on your hardware and operating system. For example, you can change your operating system to display in another language. You can also attach a keyboard that is set up for another language. These mean that there are lots of variations out there.



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Bring the excitement of Pixie home for the holidays

It must be getting to that time... I am starting to get lots of emails about how parents can purchase Pixie at home for their child.

I've included some links below and you can also download the Take Pixie Home for the Holidays - Brochure that includes links to the Home Edition, the apps for iPad, Android, and Kindle, as well as the parent…


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I have been seeing these comics show up on Facebook created by my friends with Bitstrips. My brother thinks it is fun to create his own comics of daily life, but my niece politely let him know that he could have been doing it all along in Wixie.

In Bitstrips you start by making an avatar with their different shapes. In Wixie, we're going to ask that you get a little creative. If you…


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Opinion Pieces

My son is the world's biggest critic and loves to share his opinion. Problem is, he has yet to learn to share his opinion in a nice tone and we have to coax the reasons for his opinion out of him. Late last night news hit about Ben Affleck being cast as the next Batman. Joey's also a HUGE superhero fan and I while he was part of the 1% that liked Dare Devil a little, he's going to have a huge fit when he finds out. I hope he doesn't find out till after chores are done tonight.



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Books for Back to School

A friend of mine recently asked for suggestions for books to read to the class for first day school to third graders. That prompted other friends looking for suggestions for other grades. I thought I'd share books by two of my favorite authors, and hope that you will share some of yours as well!

Of course, Dr. Seuss leads that list! I have a special fondness for Dr. Seuss with a story from Germany. Ask me about it sometime. So with Dr. Seuss I like the ever so popular "Oh The Places…


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Using Pixie or Wixie to increase an ELL’s ability to understand Common Core

Fact:  10% of students enrolled in our schools today are second language learners.

Fact:  ELL’s need to spend at least 50% of their instructional time “producing” oral language.

Fact:  ELL’s students will be assessed on the Common Core Standards in the majority of the states.

With these facts in mind, how do you start preparing…


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Show Me What You Know....Oh! The Possibilities!

I've seen this picture floating around on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest and it really…


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Invasion of the bats! Or how I learned to show perspective using the spray can in Pixie/Wixie.

Whenever I attend a conference or visit a classroom, I always learn a new tip or trick for using the awesome tools in Pixie or Wixie.   …


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Let's Create!

T his Saturday is one of my favorites of all year! First, it's May 4th, so I get to go around saying "May the Fourth be with you" to all and have them look at me like I'm a crazy Catholic off her pew.

AND it's Free Comic Book Saturday!!! Once a year, the independent comic book stores can sign up to participate and…


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Similie Portraits with Wixie

We recently did a cute project inspired by the books My Dog is as Smelly as a Dirty Sock and My Friend is as Sharp as a Pencil. The students had to pick a family member or classmate and then create their own simile portrait incorporating the objects they selected.

I'm not usually so good about posting projects but I happen to have the pictures and a few spare minutes :-)…


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Trading Post

Today I recevied an email from one of our teachers in which he shared a project template he created for his students. He's a pretty new Pixie user, and he asked me for some feedback. Well, I can't give feedback unless I play, so I did! I explored the template's features, ease of use and the directions. When done, I…


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Suitcase Stories - Resources

Suitcase Story Resources (PDF) This download includes all pages shown below.



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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013! I hope you found the vacation refreshing and rejuvenating so you're ready to start the new year with extra energy.

I remember that in my old school., returning from Christmas break meant gearing up for the big state test. For many teachers that means no time for creativity because the…


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Create Your Own Ad

One of the final questions asked last night really struck a chord with me during the Vice-President's debate. The question was about the negativity of the ads. Both sides of the campaign are guilty of running negative ads. My niece and I were talking about the ads the other day and we agreed that they all make us feel like we're about to enter a world similar to that seen in Hunger Games or that new show…


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Dot Day Templates - thank you Peter Reynolds

I wanted to encourage everyone to think about joining International Dot Day. If you aren't familiar with Peter Reynold's The Dot, it is wonderful book that tells the story of a caring teacher who reached a reluctant student in a very creative way.

September 15th(ish) is International Dot Day — a day for classes to explore the story’s powerful themes: bravery, creativity and self-expression. Pixie is…


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Amazing Mother Nature

I live about six miles from the west coast of Florida in a little town called Brooksville. This weekend, all eyes were on the tropical storm as it teased us with its potential path and how it could inflict pain on us. Heavy rains? Flooding? High winds? Tornadoes? On Sunday the schools decided to close to be safe. During Tropical Storm Debbie we had problems with flooding and then sink holes opening up. (Sink holes are always going to be an issue, just aggravated more by storms as heavy as a…


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