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Selfies with a Curriculum Twist

Selfies…we see them in social media, hear the term on the radio, and in conversations all around. As a matter of fact, just today I heard that there’s a new song about selfies playing on the radio now.

I’ve been thinking…


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Custom Designed Shirts

This weekend, at midnight on Friday night, my son and his best friend decided to make Captain America inspired T-Shirts in Pixie. They didn't do what I thought they were going to do, but instead did a star with the paint stretched in different military styled camo patterns, their name and a word that describes their favorite character from the movie. We were going to print them at home on iron on transfer paper, but mine were pretty old and…


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Comic Creations

I love my child. He is a learning challenge ball of fun. He loves to confuse things and hates when I write notes to his teachers. For example, he has to write a script, with a team member, based on a myth and then perform it. His genre of myth is Celtic Myths, and he and his partner found something about leprechauns. Joey was a bit nervous about writing a script, so I made a suggestion to instead write a comic strip story using Wixie. I figured…


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Celebrating Women of Character, Courage and Commitment

I attended Columbia College in Columbia, SC, for the first two years of my college life. During my time at this all women's college we celebrated diversity, culture and the courage to stand up for what's right. The month of March was always special since it was the celebration of women's History Month. The theme for the 2014 National Women's History Month is "Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment."

The 2014 nominees…


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Frames: Digital Storytelling and Common Core Standards

In honor of storytelling month, I have included a presentation that shows how students can create innovative movies in Frames to APPLY and SHARE their mastery of the Common Core Standards. Click on the link below to see how students can use Frames to compare cultures, create docudramas and PSA's, retell fables, showcase sequential writing and respond to complex text. …


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Buying a camera for stopmotion animation with Frames

Lately I have been getting quite a few emails asking for a camera recommendation for creating stop-motion animations in Frames. My first reaction, and a caveat to anyone reading this, is that I am not sure I am the best to give a recommendation.

So instead of sharing specifics, let me share a bit more information about how Frames works with stop-motion as well as a few things to consider when looking at different models.

To begin, you can capture frames in Frames several…


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Opinion Pieces

My son is the world's biggest critic and loves to share his opinion. Problem is, he has yet to learn to share his opinion in a nice tone and we have to coax the reasons for his opinion out of him. Late last night news hit about Ben Affleck being cast as the next Batman. Joey's also a HUGE superhero fan and I while he was part of the 1% that liked Dare Devil a little, he's going to have a huge fit when he finds out. I hope he doesn't find out till after chores are done tonight.



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Frames Training Project

Carolyn did a quick overview of frames at our school today, and this is a video I came up with while play around during the hour training!  This is so much fun!  I can't wait to get my first graders hooked! Welcome to School

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Show Me What You Know....Oh! The Possibilities!

I've seen this picture floating around on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest and it really…


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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013! I hope you found the vacation refreshing and rejuvenating so you're ready to start the new year with extra energy.

I remember that in my old school., returning from Christmas break meant gearing up for the big state test. For many teachers that means no time for creativity because the…


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Create Your Own Ad

One of the final questions asked last night really struck a chord with me during the Vice-President's debate. The question was about the negativity of the ads. Both sides of the campaign are guilty of running negative ads. My niece and I were talking about the ads the other day and we agreed that they all make us feel like we're about to enter a world similar to that seen in Hunger Games or that new show…


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A Poem about upgrading to Frames 5

In honor of poetry month, I have decided to write a poem about why I LOVE the latest version of Frames!


Why Upgrade to Frames 5?????


Enhanced image, text, and sound integration,

Time lapse and customized path animation.


Real-time project collaboration, web hosting and more.

And you…


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Catchy Tunes and Cartoons to Learn about Cellular Respiration

Check out how fifth grade students in the Del Mar School District in California showed off their knowledge of cellular respiration using their vocal cords and creativity!


The students wrote their own lyrics to a familar song (using their Google Docs account) and then storyboarded…


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What are my options for capturing and importing images using Frames 4?

In Frames 4 you can capture images from a live video stream or import images from a digital camera.  To capture images from a live video stream, you will need a camera that can provide a video stream.  A standard web cam and most digital video cameras will work fine.  If you prefer to use a still image digital camera, you can import images directly from the camera’s internal storage.  …


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PBL in Action

This morning I was reading an interesting blog post about Project Based Learning written by an educator that simply goes by the name Nev.

Nev's blogpost brings up some really good points on what is project…


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Making Claymation in the Classroom - Free eBook!

Claymation is great for engaging students in the curriculum and bringing creativity and exploration to the classroom. To help you get started with this exciting approach to exploring the curriculum, we have developed a…


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Congratulations Julington Creek Students

Students in the Tech Club at Julington Creek Elementary had success in their district's Jim Hardin FAME (Florida Association for Media in Education) contest. Students used Frames to create animations and PSAs.

Check out their great contest…


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Kid Reporter: Live from Channel 12: How to Travel the World Without Ever Leaving Your Classroom

Check out Glendale, AZ's teacher, Kristen Robertson, and one of her student's reporting "live" about the power of integrating green screening within the curriculum.

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Creative Tools and a Strong Vision = Success!

In working on an article for the next issue of Creative Educator, I have had the great opportunity to talk with some great minds in education, both visionary and practical. After talking with Ben Johnson of Poudre School District in Fort Collins, Colorado, I just had to share a great video about technology use in their district. Despite having one of the states lowest per pupil funding rates, Poudre continues to have a strong vision for…


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What better way to share with others the way you integrate Frames into your class by entering a contest?! Have your students create a digital book report...simple enough. I'm sure many of you do this already. Check out the site and please let us know if you submit as the public decides who wins and of course we would want to have a Frames user win :-)

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