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Back to School - The Numbers Game

Oh AMEN! My son is back in school, we had a rough week with getting the schedule figured out, but he's back to learning and growing and I can work in peace and quiet without the noise of his video games and constant request/demands for food and this and that. Yeah, that's a big ole awkward sentence, but it is Friday and that whole sentiment just came rushing out!

One of his back to school activities was a familiar one. As a parent of an 8th Grader, we've seen a lot. The one that is my…


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Roll Call

I have been a very bad blogger. In my mind, I have written these great blogs, shared many great ideas, and you all have commented on these blogs with great response and sharing of ideas. But they don't count since they were all in my mind, in my dreams. Which is sad, because we have had such a great summer and there were so many opportunities to share!

Now that fall is in the air, and students have started getting back to school, I must get back to blogging. I am committed to sharing…


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How does a flipped classroom affect your learning?

A flipped classroom is a…


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Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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If you want to change the world, use Wixie!

Looking to change the world? Tempe teachers change the world with Wixie!  

View their projects here:…


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Navy Seal Speech Inspires Tempe Teachers

Teachers in Tempe School District each interpreted the words of Admiral William McRaven's commencement speech to University of Texas grads. Teachers worked cooperatively in Wixie to illustrate their understanding of the main tenants of his message.…


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Summer Reading

Dr. Laura Spencer shared a great article today about Tech-Inspired Ideas for Student's Summer Reading. I enjoyed learning of different places to go for readers to share their joy of reading, or for the…


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Allowing device access in Google Chrome for Wixie

In the Chrome browser, you will be prompted to allow access when using the Camera and/or Microphone in Wixie.

You will see two prompts:

1. Flash Settings in the Wixie window.

2. Chrome security settings bar in the Browser.…


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May TIEs Bring Flowers

"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul."

~Joseph Addison

Our teachers are tasked with molding a child into a contributing citizen of…


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It's Raining Cats and Dogs.. Idioms in Wixie/Pixie

Looking for a great way to review whether your students TRULY understand idioms? Have them use Wixie/Pixie to explain them using voice, text, and images. Check out a sample page from a 4th grade student in the Alum Rock school district. Each kid can do their own idiom and then you can pull all of the student idiom pages together into one big classroom using the Wixie/Pixie, Import Pages feature.…


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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

This is YOUR week, but today is your crowning moment. Today is the day that the students should bring you the shiny red apples, the thank you notes with hand drawn (or Wixie drawn) pictures, the smelly bottles of hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works, maybe flowers, or maybe a gift card. Schools…


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Moving projects between Wixie accounts

Sometimes students will accidently work in the wrong account and work will need to be moved to the correct account.


The easiest way to resolve the issue is to export the Wixie file from the wrong account and then open it in the correct account.  You will need to do this on a desktop computer, not in the iPad or Android app.


To do this:

1. Log on as the student with "extra" projects in a web browser.

2. Click the Projects button

3. Open the…


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Bring digital projects and authentic research to your classroom

I love having access to information at my fingertips via the Internet, tablets and my smartphone.  Answers are right at my fingertips whenever I have a question or want to fact check information. 

Although American History was a big part of my higher education

courses, I never had much…


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QuickTime for Windows update may cause problems in some Tech4Learning applications.

Apple recently updated QuickTime, removing some of the components we use to read media files in applications like Pixie 3, Pixie 4, Share and Share 4. 


You may see a message indicating that QuickTime was not found on your computer. Even if you don’t see a message, you may find that you can no longer add MP3 sounds or some other media types.


To resolve this issue, you will need to download the QuickTime installer from Apple and reinstall QuickTime so it…


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What's in the kit?

Wheels start turning, and you're curious. What exactly is in the mini comic book kit? How can it help me get started …


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What do Wixie, Frindles and Creativity have in Common? Read on...

Have you read Frindle by Andrew Clements? If not, I would highly recommend it. I enjoyed it as much as my Kinder and Second grader... Perhaps, more so. A big thanks to Mrs. Hammack, an awesome 3rd grade teacher in Santee, CA who introduced me to the book and the Wixie reactions (included) that her students…


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Happy Earth Day - Celebrate with Comics and Our New Mini Kit

We're comic freaks in this household, and comics can definitely make learning more fun. The first weekend of May we have a big comic book hero, Spider-Man, coming out in the movies and then Free Comic Book Day on the 3rd. (Check out celebrations at your local Comic Book Store!)

But hold on, I'm getting…


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Egyptian Civilization Capstone Project Created in Wixie

Students in a 6th grade classroom at Lehi Elementary School in Mesa, AZ were tasked to demonstrate their knowledge and learning of one facet of Egyptian culture with a project of their design that incorporated technology. Check out how some of the students showcased their understanding of some the most influential Egyptian Gods using Wixie, their creativity, and…


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What Would You Do?

I love those questions. What would you do if you.....

This past Easter Sunday, my family went out to dinner to Mimi's in Orlando. Next door is a fancy schmancy car dealership that sells Aston Martin's and other sporty cars that are sooooo not me. More…


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Selfies with a Curriculum Twist

Selfies…we see them in social media, hear the term on the radio, and in conversations all around. As a matter of fact, just today I heard that there’s a new song about selfies playing on the radio now.

I’ve been thinking…


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