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Selfies with a Curriculum Twist

Selfies…we see them in social media, hear the term on the radio, and in conversations all around. As a matter of fact, just today I heard that there’s a new song about selfies playing on the radio now.

I’ve been thinking…


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Friday Felt Like Monday

Have you ever felt like Friday (or other day) was acting like a Monday? I normally don't have an issue with Mondays. I like what I do and so I don't "dread going to work". I think life of nothing but weekends would be boring and unbalanced. But hey, I work for Tech4Learning, so of course I feel that way.

My son just called. He's having a bad day.

"Someone stole my money.

I can't eat lunch today.

Are you sure it's Friday?"

That was strike one. I talked to…


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April Tech4Learning Innovative Educators

“The job of an educator is to teach students to see the vitality in themselves.”

~Joseph Campbell

Tech4Learning celebrates teachers who help students see the vitality in themselves daily, whether…


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Elementary Artifact Creation with the Record Tool in Pixie and Wixie

Yes, the Record tool in Pixie and Wixie are awesome for students to elaborate, describe, retell, summarize, interview, make a public service announcement, or even pretend to be someone or something else. Once finished these projects can be exported as Flash videos, HTML files, or even ePub. What you may not realize is that this Record tool provides invaluable artifact creations options for speech, fluency, and problem solving.


Let’s start with the Speech teacher working with…


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Custom Designed Shirts

This weekend, at midnight on Friday night, my son and his best friend decided to make Captain America inspired T-Shirts in Pixie. They didn't do what I thought they were going to do, but instead did a star with the paint stretched in different military styled camo patterns, their name and a word that describes their favorite character from the movie. We were going to print them at home on iron on transfer paper, but mine were pretty old and…


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Poetry Month!

April is not only about the sun peeking out and staring to the great thaw or the showers. It's also National Poetry Month! I loved reading poetry as a child, even enjoyed writing poetry, and so April was always one of my favorite months because of this. Even as a teacher, I use to read poetry from Shel Silverstein, Kalli Dakos, and many others to my students.

We have a great recipe for animating a…


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How Do you Combine Student Pages into One Wixie Class Project?

Are you using Wixie with your students and interested in pulling the individual pages they have created into a class project?

Simply click the Wixie button on the toolbar and choose Import Project.

You will see a list of your student names and their…


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Check Your Wixie Settings

We have recently had a few people calling about not seeing certain activities in the Activity Folder that their fellow teachers can see. One particularly troubled me because I didn't see the one unchecked box in settings. But the settings is the key.

Log into your Wixie account and select the Settings like in the top right. There is a section titled "Activity Settings".…


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It's Spring!

Happy first day of Spring! What are you looking forward to the most this spring? Could it be beautiful flowers? Freshly mowed grass? The return (if you're northern) of the birds chirping and singing you awake in the morning? Lighter weight clothes and not needing to layer too heavy?

My son told me he's looking…


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Wixie users...Unite!

If you are a Wixie user OR are in the process of considering Wixie, this Facebook page is specifically for you. It will not contain anyone's trip to the grocery store, tell what anyone did the night before or who was knocking on so-and-so's door. It is strictly intended for educators to use as a professional tool. Let's work together to double the amount of users, giving us twice as much information, ideas and instruction. Send this link to all you know who will benefit from these terrific…


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Maximize your Tech4Learning investment with summer Professional Development

Between day-to-day curriculum, testing, parent-teacher conferences and meetings to name just a few, you may be asking "Where have the months gone?"  It’s not uncommon for me to hear, "I worked so hard to get this tool in my classroom and I haven’t even had a chance to use it yet!”

Now that spring has sprung and summer plans for …


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Comic Creations

I love my child. He is a learning challenge ball of fun. He loves to confuse things and hates when I write notes to his teachers. For example, he has to write a script, with a team member, based on a myth and then perform it. His genre of myth is Celtic Myths, and he and his partner found something about leprechauns. Joey was a bit nervous about writing a script, so I made a suggestion to instead write a comic strip story using Wixie. I figured…


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Need ideas and resources for writing a grant?

Lately, it doesn't seem like there is much loose change around for teachers looking to implement innovative projects in their classroom. While there are lots of grants, there is also a lot of competition for them. The same is true for Donors Choose.…


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PI Day

I'm not a fan of pie. I know, totally irrational to many of you. Okay, I do like pie if it's a thin crust cheese, spinach and mushroom pizza pie, or Key Lime Pie. If I make a Key Lime Pie, I usually make mini, individual pies so that way no one has to fight over a fair share or slice. For pizza, I order it in from one of the local mom and pop pizzerias. I can never seem to get my crust thin enough.

On March 14, Pi Day, we'll be celebrating with pizza and Key Lime Pie at my house. I'm…


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Showing Some Love to Our February TIEs

"An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don't."

~Anatole France

I love this quote. Honestly, it's become one of my favorites. Especially as we dive deeper into the testing season and students have to regurgitate facts and things they have committed to their memory.…


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Celebrating Women of Character, Courage and Commitment

I attended Columbia College in Columbia, SC, for the first two years of my college life. During my time at this all women's college we celebrated diversity, culture and the courage to stand up for what's right. The month of March was always special since it was the celebration of women's History Month. The theme for the 2014 National Women's History Month is "Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment."

The 2014 nominees…


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Conference Events

I know. It's only February and I'm adding a bunch of events to the calendar for…


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Teach about Snowflakes with Symmetry in Pixie/Wixie

I live in Florida and we don’t get much snow here.   Even so, I’ve always been fascinated by the concept that "no two snowflakes are alike".    The few times I…


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Multiple Meaning Words- 2nd grade Wixie project

Check out Amy Cleary's 2nd grade projects in Wixie!  Click the links below to see her student's understanding of multiple meaning words and their creative projects that demonstrate how to make a snowman. Well done Amy and kids! Keep up the great work.…


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Greenscreen it! Simply the coolest way to engage and excite students with technology

One of the coolest ways to engage a student is to use their picture in a project. Things like a head shot placed on a polar bear so they can pretend to be the bear and report on life in the arctic tundra using call out bubbles or recordings. Or maybe use a photo from a field trip of them standing by something of state historic importance and then add information to the image as if they were a local new reporter. However, since you can’t always be there or be with someone, the best option is…


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