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making pixie
Is there a way to use clip art as stickers? I tried to create my own but got the message that it was not supported. Do you have some how to steps?
If you go into your Preferences to Library, you'll see a large box where you can add libraries of your own. Click the browse button and add your folder of clip art. (Or, as I have mine set up, add your desktop. That way, you can access anything that is on your computer.) Back in Pixie, click off of the stickers, then click back on them and you'll see the folder (or desktop) that you added. You can then insert your third-party clip art as stickers.
OOps, in addition, how can I get more stickers? We are working on fairy tales. Is there somewhere I can get princesses, dragons, elves etc?
See above if you already have some that you can use or you can search for free clip art online. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you could e-mail Melinda Kolk at T4L ( and ask her to create some for you. That would take some time, however, and it sounds like you are working on fairy tales now.
Some commercial collections I have: search for "Hocus Pocus"
Pat - Pixie will support JPG, BMP, and PNG files as stickers. If your clip art graphics are in another format then you may need to convert them to a supported format.

If you have Twist you can also make your own stickers that are vector graphics. Let me know if you have Twist and need instructions on how to do this.

You can either add them to your Library by using the Preferences. Or, you can add them to the Tech4Learning Shared folders if you want them to show up for all users on the same machine. You can find instructions on how to do that here:

Look at the Administrator's Guide to Pixie'
You may also be interested the guide to 'Create your own Pixie Activities'
I have Twist and would like to know how to make stickers.
Here are the basic steps:
Open Twist and draw your shape/clip art.
Select everthing that you want to make into clip art.
Go to the Object menu and choose Export to Cool Shapes.
This will export a .snippet file to the Cool Shapes folder.
You can change the default save location to your Desktop and then put the .snippet file into the folder where you want your clip art to show.

There were some instructions in the previous Administrator's guide to Pixie that showed some additional ways to use this feature. I'll upload the file here.

The current Administrator's Guide to Pixie will show you where you can add your customized clip art/shapes so that they will show up in Pixie, Frames or WebBlender. You can view that guide here:

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Is there a way to save a slideshow? I can't seem to find info on this in any of the help. I have having to reset the parameters each time. I did put it into a video but the transitions are set with too little time. Is there a way to go over 10 sec for each frame?

Thanks to advice I got here I have created my own stickers but now I have another challenge. I can't seem to be able to glue stickers so that students could draw on top of them. In Pixie help it says that that the glue icon is in the options frame with stickers. On Pixie Snacks it says that the glue icon is in the editing frame. On my computer the glue icon is under options but only when I am creating text. Our school based tech spec said to try lock but that didn't work. Hmm- one last try and I discovered that if I kept a text box open on my picture I did see the glue bottle under options. Curious. thanks for the help
You have a couple different options when it comes to saving a slide show. You can create a movie slide show, a website slide show, or you can use the Picture Viewer to view a slide show of a folder of saved images.

It sounds like you have explored these a bit already. The Picture Viewer is an alternative to the slide show option in Share mode. From the File menu, select the Picture Viewer option. As long as you are returning to the same computer, you should be able to simply enable the 'Remember Settings' check box located at the bottom of the Picture Viewer dialog. This will ensure you do not have to adjust your settings every time you want to view your slide show. There is not a way to set the transition time longer than 10 seconds but you can change it to manual switching.

When gluing stickers, you will need to make sure that you have the sticker you want to glue selected. The options button should be located next to the Stickers button. These buttons toggle your right pane from Options to Stickers or vice-versa. Select your sticker and then click the Options button to switch from the Stickers pane to the Options Pane. While still having your sticker selected, you should see the Glue button located in the middle of the Options pane.
I'm trying to convert about 31 individual slides with sound, in to a video. However, each time I try to convert it, I get a QuickTime error. The error says (-44). Any ideas? Thanks so much!

It sounds like there might be a sound file in there that is causing problems. To be certain I will need to take a look at a session log and possibly these 31 Pixie files.

Your session log can be found by first Launching Pixie. On Windows, click the Help Menu. On Mac, Click the Pixie menu. Choose about Pixie and click the Open Session Log link. Save this session log somewhere you can access later. I will be sending you a link to the file submission form page. There you will be able to upload your session log to me. After viewing the session log I may need to use your 31 Pixie files to recreate this issue.


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